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Text Radio Station for Artist Entrepreneurship

라디오는 FM

It is a newsletter that started in April 2020, and delivers music and information like late-night FM. TMI.FM is a text radio station that talks about music, fandom, creators, and IP business.


We are people who find ways to continue what they love without being frustrated. To protect ownership, we think about business, and explore profit models and business models. TMI.FM is a text radio that supports this creative ownership. ©TMI.FM




Cha Woojin's TMI.FM | Observe and share global markets.
This is (NOT) K-pop | It deals with various issues of K-POP.
Review (+alookso) | Recommend content that you can watch and listen.

TMI.FM | Text Radio Station

Cha Woojin, or a talkative & lonely DJ

Hello, I'm Cha Woojin.

Music/industry critic, independent journalist and solopreneur. I am writing about K-POP and Korean content business, and consulting with music/tech startups.


Books: <Sound of Youth> <Indie Label of Korea> <Understanding Popular Music> <Idol: From H.O.T. to Girls' Generation> <Columnist Living> <Independent Walker> etc


NAVER ONSTAGE: Planning Commissioner


Hyundai Card Music: Branding/Content


MAKEUS: Dingo Magazine Executive Director


Space Oddity: 'Blip Magazine' Director


TREVARY: "Fandom: Business of the Heart" Club Owner


Columnist: D-EDIT, Hankyoreh 21, Vogue Korea, etc


Consulting: Collaborating with a variety of artists and companies



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