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Le Seraphim's new song + album has been released. Not long ago, I was able to listen to their new songs in advance on Hive. I didn't see the music video, but I watched the members through the performance video instead. There was also a detailed explanation of the production team (music/performance) and a Q&A.

At that time, there was nothing I could say about the music that had not yet been released, so I didn't say anything. But the memo was a little small. The following are additional stories based on the memo I wrote then. Of course, it usually comes out when you search it now.


Branding was undertaken by Husky Fox. Hivewa was responsible for branding BTS's "Love Yourself" series, BTS rebranding, and TXT's "The Dream Chapter" series.

The concept is "Young Feminist?


Le Sserafim is a recombination of "I am fearless" from Mary Shelley's phrase "Beware, for I am fear and there before powerful."

Seraphim is the highest rank among the seven angels. It is known to be closest to God, and the distinction between good and evil is ambiguous according to interpretation. In general, it symbolizes 'creation'.

The phrase "Beware, for I am fearless and therefore powerful" by Frankenstein appears in Chapter 20. Chapter 20 is a dramatic chapter in which the power structure of the man-made monster and Dr. Frankenstein is finally reversed.

The reason is that Dr. Frankenstein betrayed the monster's request to make his true mate. (He said he'd make it for me in fear, but then he came to his senses and changed his mind that it's never acceptable to make another monster like that...)

From the monster's point of view, Dr. Frankenstein is also engaged, but he is not convinced why he should be alone. The monster, betrayed by his entreaty to the Creator, visits Dr. Frankenstein and threatens him by grinding his teeth with anger and helplessness, even saying, "You are not the Creator anymore, you are my slave!" But the doctor doesn't budge, and the monster then flies the following famous line.

"Shall each man," cried he, "find a wife for his bosom, and each beast have his mate, and I be alone? I had feelings of affection, and they were requited by detestation and scorn. Man! You may hate, but beware! Your hours will pass in dread and misery, and soon the bolt will fall which must ravish from you your happiness forever. Are you to be happy while I grovel in the intensity of my wretchedness? You can blast my other passions, but revenge remains--revenge, henceforth dearer than light or food! I may die, but first you, my tyrant and tormentor, shall curse the sun that gazes on your misery. Beware, for I am fearless and therefore powerful. I will watch with the wiliness of a snake, that I may sting with its venom. Man, you shall repent of the injuries you inflict."

Thanks to this passage [Frankenstein] becomes a subversive literary work. The fact that the monster accurately recognizes its power means the awakening of a minority/women symbolized by the monster. So it's a feminist symbolic quote, and it's also a sentence that many female artists and entrepreneurs enjoy quoting.

It can be seen in a similar context that this phrase was reconstructed and converted to 'LESSERAFIM'. The archangel closest to God, the existence of life and love and creation, the existence of pure light and thought, the highest angel appearing before man with six wings and four heads, and the object of awe and fear for man. However, Seraphim is also an absolutely divine being.

Girl group Le Seraphim is likely to reveal the worldview while aiming for subversion or reinterpretation of these two concepts. (Maybe not)

Anyway, you could say that the concept is like an English feminist. I think there's an awkwardness right here.

The impressive part of the lyrics is here. I'm trying to be funny, but the K-pop's "down" point is that it should be new, whether it's a jerk or a crazy girl.

"I'm not interested. I'm not interested in the past
The trouble, huh
I'm fearless, a new bitch, new crazy
"Go up, next one"

"Your words to hide your greed are strange
I don't act humble anymore
Bring it to me forever win, ayy
Number 1 on the chest, ayy
The world beneath me, ayy
Take the world, break it down
Break you down, down"


Among the songs on the album, "The Great Mermaid" is also impressive. If I lose my voice on condition that I become a human being, I'll turn it into a sea of water. a terrifying narrative of

“Throw away your voice, Crazy”
I can't believe it's gone
That doesn't make sense, Liar
If a witch says she's a witch, don't listen
Give it to me, Ocean
I'll take the world to my sea
a dream that grows without stopping
As long as you don't give up, it's true
I'm living my life I'll have everything I want
But you can't make me go down the drain

It would be fun to write about it later. But whether it's a concept or a worldview, it's true that it's excessive and heavy. So it was the impression that the power was too tight, so even though the concept was very strong, the result of the visual and sound remained in the right impression. I have a strong feeling that I did not take any chances, so I unexpectedly get the impression that it is like "branding for branding."

Of course, whether it is music or visual, it seems to contain a sensuous and important message, and the quality is high because it is luxurious, but it is not fun. It seems like Dior's show at Ewha Womans University. Okay, it seems to contain a sensuous and important message, and it is luxurious, so the quality is high, but it is not fun.

But it's not just this brand, but I think the 21st century is that era. It is not about commercialization. It is, like, subtly structural, political, and persuasive. In other words, it's not a bad thing. But it's not good either. That might be my limit. As a critic, I have no choice but to think about this point, my senses. It is different from giving stars to music or music videos.



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