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VS. Why it is difficult to apply NFT to music works


※ PICK: Rapper Hwaji's Music and NFT

The music NFT case in Korea seems to have mainly focused on the release of K-pop fandom and music sources, and I would like to introduce you because rapper Hwaji has recently been conducting interesting experiments with NFT. He defines himself as a Web 3 artist. In September last year, instead of incinerating the Korean Popular Music Award trophy, it made it NFT, and in October, it held Korea's first Metabus hip-hop festival.


'한국 힙합 최초 메타버스 공연'은 어떻게 펼쳐질까? | 2021.09.07.하잎비스트 (이미지 링크)

How will "Korea's First Hip Hop Metabus Concert" | 2021.09.07. High Leaf Beast (Image link)


This is an interview with the Tea Times a few days ago. He's currently staying in Paris and publishing a dynamic NFT called Project GMGN, and based on that, he's even envisioning a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).


Rapper Hwajji Says He Took a Gun to Turn the Music Market Over with NFT | April 5, 2022


00:00 Highlight
00:52 Artist Paper?
01:28 Why did you go to Paris?
02:57 What is Project GMGN?
06:53 How does Project GMGN work?
07:50 The NFT project is unique. What made you try this?
08:48 Last year, you destroyed the Korean Popular Music Award trophy and turned it into an NFT?
11:17 How is NFT used in the music market now?
14:53 How has the relationship between fans and artists changed due to web3 music?
16:09 What music activities have been made possible through NFT?
18:16 Why is the structure of the Web3 platform advantageous to the artist?
20:40 Isn't there something convenient about the Web2 platform?
22:03 Meaning that artists' artistic activities are recognized as true values on Web 3?
In the 23:24 NFT scene, can music consumers make money?
24:10 What's your journey to becoming an artist on Web 3?
27:57 What kind of NFT, Web 3 activities do you plan to do in the future?
28:22 Are you planning a new NFT project?
29:04 What kind of community is Futurist Social Club?
30:13 Is there any platform or service plan for the NFT music market?
31:11 What do you feel about working with people from various fields?
33:08 What do you want to say to your existing music fans?

Why it is difficult to apply NFT to music works


Reasons why it is difficult to apply NFT to music works = 2022.03.25. (Korea Music Contents Association)


This is the YouTube channel of the Korea Music Contents Association, which runs Gaon Chart. It is a content that communicates the issues of the music industry very easily in the form of lectures, among which I share the question, "Can music works be traded NFT?" It is about the structure of Korean copyright law and how music copyright works.

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